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Welcome back to the latest version of the popular FIFA13 Autotrader. After the amazing success of our FIFA13 app, we have completeley redeveloped our application for FIFA 14. With a bunch of new features, and a great all-in-one package, don't delay and pick up the webs best autotrader today.

We use industry leading encryption when storing any of your trading data on our servers, no matter how insignificant it may be. We use 128bit SSL certificates which secure all data transfers from your machine to our servers, meaning your data will always be secure!

We also NEVER store your ultimate team account data on our servers. Your ultimate team login information only be stored and encrypted on your local machine this makes sure your account data wont be comprimised.

If you have any questions about any security related questions, please ask away! We strive to be as transparent as possible, so bar giving away data.. we can answer almost any request!

We pride ourselves in the quality of our autotrader, and this stems from its efficiency. Our team has studied the Ultimate Team webapp in great detail, allowing our autotrader to completley mimic a user interacting with it - and better yet - do it automatically!

Our autotrader sessions are capable of running for days on end (provided there is no interference) with unbelievable speed and accuracy. This allows your profit margins to grow and grow and grow without worrying about losing out to your rivals! We also reguarly perform health checks on all our services, allowing us to keep them running in top condition all day long!

We aim to give you complete peice of mind, and maticuiosly log all the steps and actions we take and then present it all back to you - allowing you to tweak your trading methods and items and get the best ROI you can possibly get!

Our design team has ensured that the majority of you out there can enjoy our autotrader, so no matter where you are and whatever browser you choose.

We have built our website around portability, allowing you to access your Autotrader data while on the move via your tablet or smartphone, aswell as when at home or at work.. its that easy! You can also download the logs and data in case you need to do some offline work. You can export them in various formats to suit all devices and operating systems!

If you have any issues with the design of our site on your device, dont forget you can submit ideas/feedback using the "Feedback & Support" button on the right hand side! You might not be the only one experiencing these problems, so the quicker you let us know, the quicker we can sort it out!

Our app has been desined to suit all platforms available for Ultimate Team currently, so whether you are a PC, XBOX or PS3 gamer, you can easily trade and make millions with us! You dont even need to tell us what system you are on, the autotrader will find out for its self and ajust to your platform... simples.

Unlike conventional Autobuyers, out autotrader will cover everything you need to completley automate your trading on ultimate team. Just tell it what, when and for how much, and the autotrader will cover the rest. Trade players and consumables with ease.

We have consulted gamers from all the platforms, including those with other autobuyers, and the vast majority (84%) of those have given our tool at least 4.5 out of 5 starts for cross platform workablitity.

Our java-based app also allows you to trade on any OS with the latest version of java installed on it, meaning total compatibility across all of your devices!

Payment and other costs




With Fifa14 Autotrader, there are no hidden costs. Nada, none whatsoever. Ever. We charge to you exactly what we tell you, and to avoid any problems with payment methods etc, we have chosen PayPal as out payment proccessor. All thats required by paypal is a vaid credit/debit card or even paypal funds and you can be making thousands upon thousands of coins quicker than you ever dreamed!

We also offer you a completley risk free, 100% no cost 24 hour trial of our autotrader. Try it before you buy, and you can see yourself that our autotrader is the number one autotrader out there. We also offer 24/7 support, a weekly trading report with players to trade and ranges to trade in (coming very soon).

With all these addons included in the yearly price, you can become the best FIFA UT trader, all for one low cost. No hidden prices.


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Our Autotrader has been programmed with the end user in mind. What started out as simple Autobuyer used by a few friends has evolved into the all-in-one solution that hundreds of FIFA Ultimate Team traders use today. We aim to have a 100% satisfaction rate, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you tell us and we will do everything in our power to help you.

We have had hundreds of rave reviews, and these are currently being collated and will be available for you all to view shortly. In the meantime, if you want to know a little more about our Autotrader or how you can benfit from using it, dont hesitate to drop us a line and get in touch!

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